Thoughts From Our Members

Singing in TMC is relaxing and fun. I love to sing choral music. I have a son currently serving in the Marine Corps. My husband is an Air Force veteran and my dad served in the Army. Numerous family members have also served in the armed forces. Singing in TMC gives me an opportunity to honor them while thanking all others serving and those who served for their sacrifice. God bless them. 

Jeanne B. - Alto - Flint

The many reasons that I enjoy singing with this group of people include the choices of music which includes everything from patriotic pieces to Christmas to classical.  It's not just a night out for me, it's being with people who truly enjoy sharing their many gifts with others.  I've always felt welcome and have formed many friendships.

Vicki W. - Soprano - Linden

It's great to belong to a group that is friendly and affords me the experience of learning choral music. It's a plus that our music benefits veterans in our community. This is an overall awesome group with fantastic leadership.

Joyce H. - Tenor - Flushing

I joined to sing with my son but I found a family. Since joining I have found my joy and purpose. We’re so blessed to have a special bond...young or old...for the purpose of helping our nation’s warriors. 

Meredith A. - Alto - Mt. Morris

Want to start this off what it means to me as I get to use my voice once again in the musical stands to bring enjoyment to others.   It’s been a every long time since I’ve been with a group of performers.  I’m also giving back to the Veterans of the USA as I come from a very long line of them.  Music 🎶 was my life for a very long time since I was a child.  My major in college was music and history.  I just want to use my talent to bring enjoyment to others.  Also to perform with my nephew Andrew aka Drew and my older sister Kim N..  Once again it gives us the opportunity to sing together as a family.  It is also a fun group of people that I will get to know as time goes on.

Lori W. - Alto - Clio

I joined the Michigan Chorale because, I like to sing music while interacting with other members of the choir. Thank you for this opportunity to sing and harmonize with the choir, who have amazing voices. This is my first time singing with the choir, and everyone has made me feel welcomed. I enjoy our choir practice as we are learning to sing many songs and getting ready for the Patriotic Festival. This music is compelling, powerful, as well as, emotional. I have uncles and cousins who served in the military. Also, I have a nephew in the Navy, he is a Chief Petty Officer stationed in California. The Patriotic Festival is a great way to honor our Veterans. God Bless America. 

Cynthia S. - Alto - Flint

I really enjoy choir.  I get to sing, and that is something I've always loved doing.  It also has introduced me to some very nice people, which is a plus.  The fact that this choir helps veterans is so inspiring!  I feel very proud to be a part of this organization!

Darla P. - Soprano - Clio

My musical background started as a baby. A radio was placed in my room to help soothe me. Growing up, and way into adulthood, I have always had the radio playing. In the 6th grade, I took up playing the trombone. Even though I was able to read sheet music, I struggle with it now. Even though my struggle is there, I like being challenged. Being in The Michigan Chorale, brings me joy.

Marty M. - Alto - Flint

I have always had a love of music.  The Michigan Choral allows me to have a fun night out and enjoy the company of people who also share this passion.

Amy E. - Alto - Flint

I've been singing since I was around 4 years old with my mom in our church choir. Music and singing has always been a part of my life. I now sing in as many choirs as I can get into, but out of any choir Iv'e been in, The Michigan Chorale has been the one I've learned the most from. Dan is an amazing instructor and I think anyone can learn how to sing from him.

Peter A. - Bass - Mt. Morris

As you well know I did not know anything about music before joining. I am learning something new each week, but I am having fun learning. The parts (knowing when to sing) give me the most problem. Speed of the words and music give me as much consternation. My confidence and my voice level are and has been holding me back.  I am hoping this patriotic brings me out of my shell.

Roy B. - Bass - Flint

Participation in TMC allows me to sing a variety of music.  Our rehearsals are both instructional and enjoyable.  Thanks for the opportunity to belong!

 Ann L - Tenor - Otisville


I have always sang for my own personal enjoyment and to sing to my and everyone else's babies. This is my first time singing with a choir. I started because my granddaughter was so insistent.  It has been enjoyable and challenging. I hope that I become a true asset to the choir.

Michele M.  -  Soprano  -  Flint


God has blessed me with a voice to sing and I truly enjoy using it.  I grew up in a family who loves music and I began singing when I was a little girl.  Joining The Michigan Chorale is another opportunity to use my voice and I appreciate the friendships, fun and challenges that come with being a part of this choir.  It is a rewarding experience, and I feel privileged to be part of a group who honors our service men and women in the singing of our patriotic concert, along with sharing the birth of Christ in the Christmas concert.

Janet C.  -  Alto  -  Flint


Being a member of the Michigan Chorale is not only rewarding from a musical standpoint but also as a member of a musical family. Every member cares for each other and our cause; supporting homeless Veterans. Singing and performing brings enormous gratification.  Working hard prior to a concert and seeing the faces of the audience as we perform is an amazing experience.

Barb P.  -  Alto  -  Clio


I have been in several choirs in my lifetime and I really enjoy not only singing such fine music but the "espirit de corps" that the Michigan Choral inherently is all about as well.

Christian L.  -  Tenor  -  Goodrich


The Michigan Chorale is a dynamic, evolving group where I have been able to sing secular and non-secular music alike from contemporary to classical. An inviting group where the only thing that matters is your desire to sing, grow musically and fellowship. Even during the tough times, it is nice to know I have a family in The Michigan Chorale waiting for my return.

Jennifer C.  -  Soprano  -  Montrose


Ever since I was a child I have loved to sing. The performing arts intrigued me. When I started school, I joined every choir I could. I would sing in choirs at school and church. I have even done some solos. I tried out for my church choir a few years back and I was not chosen. I was devastated. After that, I gave up singing until I started attending Mott Community College and I met Dr. Matthew J. Packer and Dr. Quincy Dobbs. With each performance, Dr. Packer and Dr. Dobbs were very supportive and caring. Little by little, I started to get my confidence back. I even went so far as to sing with the Flint Symphony Chorus/Orchestra for the 2018 Holiday Pops at The Whiting. Then I heard about this gentlemen by the name of Dan Schmier. Dr. Packer told me that he was in charge of The Michigan Chorale. I decided to sit in on their rehearsal. The rest, as they say, is history. Thank you, Dan for giving me a chance to sing with you.

Cheryl G.  -  Soprano  -  Flint


When moving to a new place, how does one find things? How does one find a 'faith based community choir' for example? Hmmmm...well, that is exactly what I "googled"!  I started the choir mid-October 2018 which was 2 weeks after we had moved to the area. I also noticed that I didn't have to 'try out' as it had been awhile since I had sung in a choir.

     So there have been a few things my eyes have been opened to:

     1. Singing like a Russian opera singer.

     2. Singing warm, ooey, gooey and buttery.

     3. Singing without making a horrid face.

     4. Breathing without being obvious.

     5. Singing and laughing.

     6. Having cool songs going through my head.

     7. Making "fun" of Dan by 'singing as he sings' (these are Dan's words).

     8. Singing 'north and south and not east and west'.

     9. Meeting others who like to sing.

     10. Etc.

     (Not necessarily in that order)


     So glad I was able to find the Chorale and sometimes even to receive a gold star or even two!

Laurie L.  -  Alto  -  Clio