The Nossal Family

Joseph Nossel, a US Navy Veteran, brought their forever home in April 2022.  They moved in on May 15, 2022.   On May 19, 2022, Joseph, his wife Mariah and their 18month old son, became homeless.  The entire real-estate home buying process failed them!  Their realtor, the VA inspector, the appraiser, the previous owners, the insurance company, every line of defense in a VA home buying experience FAILED them.  


Their Story

Joseph Nossal and Mariah Nossal recently closed on their home on April 15th, 2022. Their home was VA-funded as Joe is an Enduring Freedom Campaign Veteran serving between November 2010 and June 2011 in Kandahar, Afghanistan with the U.S. Navy Seabees. Joe was honorably discharged in 2015 and was later diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from his time in Afghanistan.

The home, as required by the Department of Veteran Affairs, was inspected for pests and other defects. The Nossals hired an inspection company, that is nationally known, who employs certified and insured inspectors. No pests were identified in the home inspectors report, no major defects were identified either. The home inspector was accompanied by his mentor and outgoing employee of the company.

The VA appraiser visited the property and validated its value, continuing the process into closing day. A contractual stipulation of closing was a 30-day occupancy clause for the owner, giving the Nossals access to the property on May 15th.

On Friday, May 19th, while diligently renovating the living room and removing the wood burner, Joe Nossal found significant termite damage and infestation in the floor and wall where the wood burner was located. An emergency call to Orkin Pest solutions was made and they arrived on scene the next day.  Conducting 90-minute inspection, validating the existence of termites in the living room, in the area of the well and on the outside foundation. The Orkin pest inspector also found bat feces (guano) in the attic, mice feces, water damage, mold, and various access points in the roof where pests have been entering the home. The Orkin inspector stated the property could not be treated due to the water well being in the basement, which poses a liability risk and possible contamination of the water supply.  As if the stress load wasn't enough for the new home owners, while the pest inspection was being conducted, Mariah’s beloved best friend Rodeo, her dog and ESA, passed away.

The original home inspector stated in his report that they could not enter the attic because of the absence of a catwalk, which does exist as confirmed by the Orkin specialist. If the home inspectors and the VA appraiser had inspected the attic and conducted their job accordingly, all of the issues would of prevented them from buying the home.  Per VA Home loan requirements, A pest inspection was included in the home inspection.

The previous sellers disclosed there were NO pest infestations, NO water damage, and NO leaks present.

The sellers disclosed the attic insulation was added in 2020, covering up the toxic bat feces, mice, and termite damage.

The carpet in the living room was ‘newer’ with a large metal plate nailed to the floor which hid massive wood-destroying insect holes. There were what appeared to be failed attempts to plug the hole with expandable foam and construction caulking.

On May 28th, the home was inspected by a highly respected and award winning construction owner with over 30 years of experience. The plan was to offer a quote to repair the home and make it livable. During his visit, he deemed the house to be unsafe and unfixable due to the significant pest damage hidden in the walls, floors, and in the attic.


Their homeowner’s insurance company refuses to cover any damages or expenses, the mortgage company is going on the basis of the home inspection, the VA hasn't responded.  

VA loans have a reputation of being very thorough during pre-purchase inspections which gives veterans confidence that their new home will be livable and pest free! The Nossal's trusted the system to work and inspect as it should. The inspection documents told them the house was sound and move in ready. It was not. Their entire life was turned upside down after having the keys for only 5 days. This is no longer the place where Mariah could help horses. This is not a place their 18 month old son can safely breath and live. This is not a home.

Frustrated at contacting numerous organizations and media outlets, with no avail, Joe was able to get in contact with Veteran Village USA and all hands were on deck.  

Update of June 17 2022: 

*A donated 30ft, 2008 RV trailer has been delivered to the Nossal property for them to reside in while their home is being fixed/replaced.

*Veteran Village USA President, Eric Pickard, is working with the National Organization VAREP - Veterans Association for Real Estate Professionals.  Mr. G-ii Klindera-Varrato II, (respectfully known as G2) Ret. USAF / VAREP National Legislative Committee Director is now involved. 

*G2 and Eric have been in direct contact with the US VA Housing Development Director, awaiting further action. 

*Nossal Family has obtained an attorney.  Unfortunately, the attorney is not pro-bono and required a $5,000 deposit.  After draining their funds to buy their forever home, this is yet another unexpected spend. 

While they fight for is rightfully and lawfully their property, Any financial help and sharing of this story is immensely appreciated!

Donations are being accepted at Veteran Village USA on behalf of the Nossal Family.  100% of all donations go directly to the Nossal Family.