Questions & Answers

Hey!  Are you poaching choir members from our church?
Not at all!  In fact, all of our rehearsals and performances are scheduled around your churches rehearsals and services.  We strongly encourage members to place their commitment to their home church choir first and The Michigan Chorale - second.

How much driving is involved?
Because we are a "statewide" choir, there will be some driving.  We do our best to help schedule car pools from different areas around the state.  Please consider the many faithful who have gone before us and thought nothing of walking for miles from city to city in extreme conditions.  Our dedication is to God and his son Jesus.


Is this going to be expensive?
NO! We use our various fundraisers to support our choir. We may ask from time to time to help out for a fundraiser but other than we do not charge dues.  Thank you for your dedication!

What is the rehearsal schedule?
Currently our rehearsals are in the choir room of Mt. Morris High School on Tuesday nights- Mt. Morris, Michigan from 7:00PM-9:00PM.

Michigan Roads in the winter can be a bit rough.  What happens if there's bad weather when we are suppose to practice?
Not a problem!  If roads are bad - rehearsal will be canceled.  We don't mess with bad roads.  If rehearsal is not canceled and you feel unsafe about driving - stay home.  We want you to be comfortable.  Risking injury is not an option.
When are the performances?
     A Christmas Festival of Music - 1 Performance - Friday, December 13, 2019 Concert 7:00 pm

     A Patriotic Festival of Music - 1 performance - May 2020 TBD (Armed Forces Day)

          4:00PM Concert - 6:15PM Veteran Appreciation Dinner

Is this a traditional choir or contemporary choir?
The answer is "yes"!   We are called to be music ministers to and professional enough to prepare pieces from our rich musical history as well as pieces from more recent composers.  Our choir will never fall "into a rut" of singing the same style of music over and over.  Bottom Line....ALL music is on the table!

Ok, I don't read music so well but, I am a great follower.  Is this choir going to be over my head?
Every choir member is welcome!  It is the skill of the choir director to teach and bring out the best in every individual member. Our director has quite a history in worship and choral music as well as an infectious personality that will drive the choir to be the best it can be.  Why the best?  Because God is worth it!

This sounds wonderful.  Can I get more involved?
Of course you can! We always need volunteers to assist in our fundraising efforts, also anyone is welcome to be on the Steering Committee.

Ok!  I understand we will be performing around the state.  Any chance we can rent a motor coach?
Yes, we are already looking into it.  We are planning pick up points and costs, etc. Stay Tuned!

OK, sounds too good to be true.  What's the catch?
No catch!  Besides attending rehearsals and concerts, each member will be asked to become an "Ambassador" of the choir.  Simply stated...word of mouth advertising has always been the best advertising.  Talk positive about the choir.