Military Appreciation Month

The beacon of freedom continues to shine from sea to shining sea thanks to the brave men and women who risk everything to protect our nation and way of life. In the month of May we should show our appreciation.

Introduced in 1999 by Sen. John McCain and honored every May, Military Appreciation Month encourages Americans to reflect on the sacrifices made by soldiers, sailors, and all current and former military personnel.

 May as National Military Appreciation Month because there are several military-specific observance days in the month (many are listed below) which provide you an opportunity to show your appreciation for our service members – past and present, and their families.



Throughout the month of May, VeteranVillage USA honors and appreciates the sacrifices made by our service members, veterans and their families who have, and will continue to contribute to the history and development of our country.

Since our country’s founding, brave members of our military have stood strong as one American team, ready to defend our homeland and safeguard the values for which we stand. They represent the best our nation has to offer. Without them, the freedom, liberty and way of life we hold so dear would be impossible to maintain.

Serving alongside them are proud and loving family members – heroes in their own right. Their love and support of their military family member is more important than words can adequately describe. 

Veteran Village USA encourages all Americans to show their enduring gratitude to our service members and their military families for contributing to our Nation’s legacy, and to observe this month-long celebration in unity.  

                May 1       Loyalty Day is a day for U.S. citizens to reaffirm their loyalty to their country and to remember their heritage. 

                May 8       Victory in Europe (VE) Day marks the anniversary of the Allies’ victory in Europe during World War II.

                May 10    Military Spouse Appreciation Day celebrates the sacrifice and support of military spouses. 

                May 13   Children of Fallen Patriots Day honors the children left behind by the brave men & women who lost their lives fighting for our  freedom. 

                May 18    Armed Forces Day is a time to honor Americans serving in the military. 

                May 27     Memorial Day is a time to commemorate the men & women who died while in military service. 



Ways to Show Gratitude & Appreciation to our service members and families:

  • Honor a Veteran (below) to be featured with Veteran Village USA

  • Display the American Flag at your home & Business

  • Show support on Social Media with #MilitaryAppreciationMonth

  • Send a care package to a service member

  • When you see someone in uniform - Thank them for their service.

  • Hire a Veteran.   

  •                           to Veteran Village USA which supports at risk and homeless veterans and/or their families.


It’s easy to nominate a Veteran. All it takes is to complete the form below with as much of the information as you can put together. Below is an overview of how to put together a great #VeteranOfTheDay bio package.

Everyone loves pictures!  You can send a photo of your Veteran in uniform and/or a picture of them today. If you do not have a photo of them in uniform, don’t worry. Often times World War II, Korea and Vietnam Service members do not have many pictures. 

This is a great way to show your Veterans successful transition to civilian life.

 Ideas of what to include in your nomination:

What did your Veteran do while they were in uniform?

What was their job or military occupational specialty?  What work do they do now?

What work did they do after they left service?

What was your Veteran’s last unit? 

Deployments: Where & how long?

Awards:  Bronze Star Medal?  Purple Heart?  Silver Star? Medal of Honor? 

Honor Your US Veteran
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Thank you for your Veteran Nomination


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